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Spaceport America Cup

KXR's Latest Entry into the Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition

A student researched and developed hybrid rocket targetting a 10,000 feet apogee, carrying a 6U CubeSat experimental payload and cutting edge avionics system. KXR will be competing against more than 150 teams from across the planet in the largest collegiate rocketry competition in the world.


Meet Pegasus

A bleeding edge sounding rocket, built by our talented students following aerospace industry specifications and procedures. The rocket is built to propel a 6U experimental cubesat payload up to a target apogee of 10,000 feet.

The airframe will be completely student developed to minimize weight while also maximizing strength by implementing carbon fiber.

Pegasus will be powered by a paraffin-based hybrid rocket motor fully developed and tested by students, and is expected to experience up to 1000 pounds of thrust at liftoff. Nitrous Oxide was chosen as the oxidizer due to its availability and self pressurizing properties.


2023 Technical Report

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