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Previous Projects

FAR DPF Liquid Bi-Prop

The first liquid rocket to launch from a Florida University, our 2022-2023 FAR DPF team made great strides in a short time.

far logo_edited.jpg

IREC Hybrid Rocket

With a stellar technical report, through IREC 2023 we made strides in airframe design, ground station equipment, and experimental motor design. This engine was the most powerful hybrid to come from UCF.

IREC Patch.png

NASA Student Launch

A payloads focused project, the 2022-2023 NASA Student Launch team was robotics oriented.

nasa sl mission patch_edited_edited_edit

Ion Propulsion

A feat only attempted by less than a dozen Universities across the U.S., much less at the undergraduate level, in August of 2023 we successfully tested this design, which was produced in less than a year.

ion prop patch color_edited.png
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