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Project Basilisk

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Target Apogee: 10,000 ft
Length: 18 ft
Diameter: 6 in
Wet Mass*: 148 lb

Fuel: Ethanol
Oxidizer: Nitrous Oxide
Pressurant: Nitrogen

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The aim of Project Basilisk is to develop a liquid bipropellant rocket capable of reaching 10,000 feet and being recovered successfully while teaching students the design, manufacturing, and testing process. Basilisk will be launching from the Friends of Amateur  Rocketry launch site in the Mojave Desert as a part of the FAR 51025 Competition.


Basilisk’s propulsion system is comprised of a three-tank pressure-fed bi-propellant engine. Utilizing nitrous oxide as our oxidizer and ethanol for fuel, nitrogen is used to force our propellant through the injector and into the combustion chamber. It is one of the most complex engines ever pursued by our organization.


Basilisk's airframe is 18 feet long and will be hand-built out of prepreg carbon fiber. The recovery system features a dual deployment system with drogue and main parachutes and a plumbing bay between the Nitrogen and Fuel Tank. The nose cone will feature a water ballast system to help balance out the rocket during ascent.


Utilizing an Arduino BetaFlight, our payload is an FPV RC Drone that will be autonomously deployed at 400 feet and after deployment will be flown to a designated drop-off zone. Pointing out the side of the rocket will be two cameras that will capture Basilisk's flight.


Meet Our team

kathryn daniels 0.jpg

Kathryn Daniels

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Propulsion Manager


Kyler Marciel

  • LinkedIn

Aerostructures Manager

Daniel Sherlock.jpg

Daniel Sherlock

  • LinkedIn

SEI Manager


Zander Zhuchkan

  • LinkedIn

Payloads Manager

Screenshot 2024-01-12 183714.png

Diego Alverez

  • LinkedIn

Recovery Lead


Kathleen Cravens

  • LinkedIn

Injector Lead


Jason Gay

  • LinkedIn

Aerostructures SEI Lead


Alex Lozano

  • LinkedIn

Internal Structures Lead


Erik Solberg

  • LinkedIn

Fluid System Lead

Kaylee Abramovs Headshot.png

Kaylee Abramovs

  • LinkedIn

Propulsion SEI Lead

Teo Couedelo_edited.jpg

Teo Couedelo

  • LinkedIn

External Structures Lead

Kaela Hollister 1 edit.jpg

Kaela Hollister

  • LinkedIn

Aero Manufacturing Lead

Scout N

  • LinkedIn

Avionics SEI Lead


Ryan Spinelli

  • LinkedIn

Media Lead


Megan Bailey

  • LinkedIn

Payloads Electrical Lead

Dylan Dessoye

  • LinkedIn

Prop Manufacturing Lead


Naoto Kimura

  • LinkedIn

Deployment Mech Lead

Nic Piakis

  • LinkedIn

Flight Dynamics Lead

Devon Terry

  • LinkedIn

Aerodynamics Lead


Otis Campbell

  • LinkedIn

Payloads Manufacturing Lead

Daniel F

  • LinkedIn

Drone Mechanical Lead


Jack Koller

  • LinkedIn

Combustion Lead

Dylan Smith

  • LinkedIn

Payloads SEI Lead


Preliminary Design Review Slides

Critical Design Review Slides

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