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Our Advisors

Our achievements are made possible from the support of staff and faculty at the University of Central Florida. Knights Experimental Rocketry is forever indebted to this incredible team, who provides us with the opportunities we need to succeed.

Read more about Dr. Kinzel and his work here

Our Inspirations

The people who have made us what we are today

This page is dedicated to those who have helped us along our journey and continue to inspire us today. Without the assistance and  dedication to our cause that these members, leaders, and supporters have given to KXR, we would not have made the strides that we have.


Christian Sipe

Former President of SEDS-UCF, Christian was there for the birth of KXR. While not a direct contributor, Christian set the example of what a leader should be. He inspired our founders and gave them a platform to build the foundation for UCF's largest RSO and premier rocketry organization.

Christian is currently a mechanical engineer at Honeybee Robotics, where he works on various projects such as the Crew Egress system for Blue Origin’s Human Landing System as well as Blue Origin’s ISRU program, Blue Alchemist.

Our Partner Organizations
Working alongside one another, we are able to achieve more as a community than any one of us alone.

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