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FAR Dollar-Per-Foot 

UCF's First Liquid Bi-Propellant rocket completely developed, researched, and launched by a Registered Student Organization.

VLK tank and aframe.png

UCF's First RSO SRAD Liquid Bi-Prop Rocket

As a Registered Student Organization, we proudly present Valkyrie, KXR's first Liquid Bi-Propellant rocket brought to life through the efforts of skilled and dedicated students. 
Over 10ft tall and 60lbs, boasting an unconventional plumbing design, coupled with advantageous carbon fiber airframe innovations, Valkyrie stands tall as a testament to our commitment to push the boundaries of possibility. 
Our undertaking in the Friends of Amateure Rocketry's Dollar-Per-Foot competition signifies a milestone in the trajectory of our organization, and the creation of new history here at the University of Central Florida.

Successful Cold Flow (May 2023)

Where We are Today

As we near the completion of our project, our propulsion team is in the pursuit of gathering test data, while our airframe team adds the finishing touches to the vehicle. In less than a year, our propulsion team has progressed from conceptual designs to cold flow tests and a series of static fires. Mirroring their remarkable feat, our airframe team has transformed an ambitious design into tangible reality in a brief period of six months. 

This July we aim to compete in the Friends of Amateure Rocketry's Dollar-Per-Foot Competition, where each foot in apogee is equal to one dollar. We aim to soar to a height of 10,000ft while going speeds upwards of 0.6 Mach. 

Throughout this journey, our commitment to education and the cultivation of exceptional engineers and students has remained at the forefront. Each challenge and every milestone achieved, serves as a testament to the dedication of our team. 

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