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FAR Dollar-Per-Foot Liquid Bipropellent

The first Liquid Bi-Propellant rocket completely developed, researched, and launched by a undergraduate organization in Florida

UCF's First RSO SRAD Liquid Bi-Prop Rocket

As a Registered Student Organization, we proudly present Valkyrie, KXR's first Liquid Bi-Propellant rocket brought to life through the efforts of skilled and dedicated students. 
Over 10ft tall and 60lbs, Valkyrie launched in July 2023 at the FAR launch site to nearly 5,000 feet. This achievement marks Florida's FIRST university organization to launch a liquid bi-propellent rocket.

Our undertaking in the Friends of Amateur Rocketry's Dollar-Per-Foot competition signifies a milestone in the trajectory of our organization, and the creation of new history here at the University of Central Florida.

Successful Static Fire (June 2023)

Successful Launch (July 2023)

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